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Energy Medicine Detox and Recovery + More!

If you take nothing else, Mineral / Mag Force will begin your journey to health. Mineral and Mag Force are the necessary essentials for restoring vitality and healthy function to every cell of your body. The two Nutrilink products are masters of rebuilding and maintenance of cells through nutrition, detoxification and clearing blocked energy pathways. More Information

Energy Medicine for Chronic Health Problems

For many individuals, achieving optimum health is an elusive goal. Progress can be especially difficult for those who suffer from acute or chronic health problems. Infectious disease has been, and continues to be, man's mortal enemy. The use of silver solutions has become a popular alternative to antibiotics. Manganese (25 ppm), Gold (25 ppm), coupled with specific subtle energies to enhance and charge the immune and repair systems.
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Begin Your Journey to the Healing Heart

Restoration Yoga DVD
A 30 minute practice for total restoration of Body, Mind, Spirit, and Soul. This video was designed for the modern American. It is appropriate for all levels. Whether you want to regain energy, let go of stress, or build strength and flexibility this video is the one you have been seeking. Part One: Warm up for total body. Part Two: Letting go of stress, and nurturing of the neck, shoulders, and back. Part Three: Flexibility and Strength for the core muscles, legs, and hips, finishing with a final relaxation meditation. Run Time 38 minutes

Stillness Yoga DVD
The purpose of this meditation is to help you find love in every situation. When you are feeling busy, overwhelmed, fearful, etc. stop what you are doing. Practice this stillness meditation with your Divine Creator and ask for the power to move back on to the "love channel". We, as humans, can only live in one column at a time. Choose love often, and watch your life change drastically. Love and Peace in the world begin in your own heart.

Save money and purchase both video's as a set.

Energy Medicine Enhancements - Specific Remedies

When examining the labels of energy remedies, ingredients are typically listed in terms of the mineral content. The physical ingredients (minerals) essentially serve as "carriers" or "conductors" of specific energies infused into each product. The energy balancing benefits of specific remedies are attributed to the subtle energies infused into the remedy and not to the minerals acting as carriers of these energies. Therefore, each remedy may contain the same mineral ingredients while the energy formulas vary widely according to their specific purpose.
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Energy Infused Products

By infusing specific subtle energy frequencies into materials significant reductions in the harmful effects of radiation are achieved. Infused objects neutralize a remarkable amount of dirty energy, shielding you from damaging radiation effects. Different infused frequencies can be used in baby blankets to calm a restless baby and provide a deep sleep and rested baby.
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