Paradigm Shift from Biology to Energy Medicine
In the early 1980's we began to hear that biological science had run its course. Many began to say that new avenues must be evaluated to help people with terrible health conditions. The new frontier would be energy medicine, however homeopathic science has been around for 200 years yet many are unaware of its impact on health.

Quantum Physics and Subtle Energy
A new breakthrough was discovered nearly 20 years ago. Dr. Kronn, PhD captured and manipulated "Subtle Energy". The work of many scientists both in USSR and USA have tested and clinically evaluated these new energies. Remarkable shifts in chronically ill patients have been demonstrated.

Subtle energy is the sub-atomic vital force that pulses through all matter. It is non-electromagnetic in nature and falls outside standard electromagnetic field measurements, although the effect of subtle energy on matter has been measured.

Western science has traditionally defined life in terms of biochemical processes and biological activity, but there is also an underlying "subtle energy" component that is essential for true vitality. Disruption of cellular energy reduces the body's ability to absorb and utilize nutrients and significantly impairs recovery from illness or injury.

Subtle Energy Medicine
Powerful medicine for detoxification transforming toxins into available minerals, biological waste removal, and heavy metals removal, sweeping the body free of toxins and radioactive contaminants. Minerals with live energy receptive to cells increasing the efficiency of nutrient transport, providing a precious source of minerals every day. Supercharges the immune system promoting pathogen resistant healthy cells, cells with accelerated growth, reproduction, and energy. An anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory with anti-pathogen properties inhibiting replication of pathogens using the most powerful free radical scavenger ever discovered. Increases enzyme activity associated with pH balance. All this biological benefit enhanced with Subtle Energy Physics, infusing specific energy patterns into the minerals boosting cellular energy clearing blocked energy pathways, amplifying the cells ability to utilize nutrients significantly improving recovery or prevention of illness.

Subtle Energy Products
Subtle energy can be infused into many different materials as well as the mineral base in our energy medicine products. We have infused subtle energy into plastic, silicon, and blankets for protection from EMF radiation sources (cell phones, one of 11 harmful radiation sources) and infused calming subtle energy frequencies into baby blankets to calm a crying baby and promote a deep sleep.

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