Energy Medicine Enhancements to Mineral Force and Mag Force


Specific Energy Remedies
The body has both physical and energetic aspects. Western Medicine has spent 200 years em- phasizing the physical dimensions of the body, while Energy Medicine emphasizes the critical importance of correcting low energy states and balancing energy in promoting health. In essence, energy medicine ad- heres to the principle that the body's chemistry follows the energy. This principle summarizes the mechanism behind the effectiveness of subtle energy products.

The physical ingredients (minerals) essentially serve as "carriers" or "conductors" of specific energies infused into each product. The energy balancing benefits of specific remedies are attributed to the subtle energies infused into the remedy and not to the minerals acting as carriers of these energies. Therefore, each remedy may contain the same mineral ingredients while the energy formulas vary widely according to their specific purpose.

Substance, Energy and information: an analogy

A Better Understanding of Subtle Energy In order to better understand how this process works, a familiar analogy may be helpful. Most of us enjoy the technology that has given us Digital Video Discs (DVD's). If we examine and compare the material substances of these discs (DVD's) we conclude that they are made of similar plastic material. However, each disc is labeled differently to reflect the content of specific information recorded on it. Individual DVD's, each constructed of the same material, are digitally programmed with audio and video data so that any given disc is capable of containing completely different information. Again in each case, the substance of the disc is encoded using a modulated energy transfer system (laser) and stored on the substance (the plastic disc) which is ultimately read by the energy retrieval system (laser reader) incorporated in a device designated to play DVD's

Specific Energies Targeting Regions of the Body
These little bottles of remedies contain directed energies at problem blockages opening up communication pathways. In the science of acupuncture these pathways are called meridians. With subtle energy infusion we can control the exact frequency needed to open communication and acellerate healing.

Infusion, Subtle Energy's Pathway of Action
The energy transfer of encoded information is the secret behind subtle energy products energetic information is infused into a substance (trace minerals) to be read by the body's own energy transfer and retrieval system and played back by resonance through every cell and tissue of the body! From remedy to remedy the mineral substance can be the same while the energetic information may be completely different depending on the precise energies programmed into it.

Research and clinical experience have shown that subtle energy is the foundational force regulating the body's information exchange between cells and in the management and energy balance of the body as a whole. Subtle Energy returns the body to normal levels of vitality while clearing blocked and cha- otic energy fields contributing to poor heath. Each remedy is a blend of one or more of these energies infused in a mineral carrier that serve as a delivery system

A Listing of Available Target Remedies
Currently we have mapped out 32 specific and combination energy frequencies in the remedy line of NUTRILINK. View List of available tinctures.

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