Mineral and Mag Force - NUTRILINK's Cellular Detox System

NUTRILINK's Cellular Detox System
Mineral and Mag Force

Mineral Force, Daytime Energy and Detox

  1. Structured purified water
  2. 72 trace elements
  3. Fulvic acid 40% by volume
  4. Zeolite structured silica
  5. 25 subtle energy (subatomic) patterns for energy enhancement
Mag Force, Nighttime Healing and Detox
  1. Structured purified water
  2. Ionic magnesium 20-25 ppm
  3. 8 subtle energy (subatomic) patterns for energy enhancement
All diseases are on the rise. Medical treatments that worked 40 years ago are not effective today. Why? The human body is overwhelmed by toxic, manmade chemicals and exposed to higher levels of heavy metals (Hg, Al, Cd, Pb, Cu). Many scientists estimate that 30% of the American population cannot properly clear poisons from their bodies. More people are falling victim to this toxic burden daily.

Chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, ADD, ADHD, autism, alzeheimer's, dementia, MS, Parkinson's disease, and Cancer are all part of this new riddle. Herbicides, pesticides, preservatives, food colors, food flavor enhancers, steroids, antibiotics are a few of the 1,500 chemicals found in our food!

We are also bombarded by cleaning and household chemicals (several hundred chemicals). As if these were not enough, there are over 6,000 industrial chemicals and solvents added to the list each year! WOW!

Detoxification takes free hydrogen, oxygen, magnesium, fulvic acid, Zeolite and energy to get the job done.

  • Energy. Energy is defined as the capacity to do work and overcome resistance. Mineral Force and Mag Force were created to do just this.

  • Water. Most water is approximately 84 degrees, ours is 104. This makes water, free hydrogen and oxygen available to every cell.

  • 72 Elements. Each element turns on metabolic enzymes to help the body help itself.

  • Fulvic Acid. Fulvic acid is the end of organic decay and the beginning of new life. Science has proven that it increases energy, is an anti-oxidant, chelates heavy metals, neutralizes all toxins, improves transportation of nutrients across cell membranes, increases metabolism of the cells, helps in DNA synthesis, restores electrochemical balance in the cell, increases enzyme activity in cells, repairs the immune system, and neutralizes hostile energies, even radiation! In fact, fulvic acid is so powerful it was used to clean up the Cernobal radiation disaster.

  • Zeolite. Zeolite removes heavy metals, toxins, poisons, sulfides and nitrates. Zeolite restores PH balance and will neutralize cancer at the epithelial level, where most cancers start. A patent exists on the cancer effects.

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