What is energy medicine?
The body has both physical and energetic aspects. Energy Medicine emphasizes the importance of correcting low energy states and balancing energy in promoting health. In essence, energy medicine adheres to the principle that the body's chemistry follows the energy. This principle summarizes the mechanism behind the effectiveness of subtle energy products.

If subtle energy can't be measured using conventional electro-magnetic analysis, how do I know it's really there?
Even though subtle energy can't be measured directly, its effects can be measured and many who use subtle energy products can tell the difference. Studies conducted at the University of California have measured significant changes in brain stimulation using MRI analysis after subtle energy infused essential oils were applied to specific acupuncture points. Other studies have shown significantly improved seed germination and plant growth when using subtle energy enhanced water.

Human studies using Heart Rate Variable testing have shown normalization and balancing of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic systems in patients orally dosed with subtle energy infused minerals. Many of these patients experience normalization within minutes!

Improved energy and stamina and a sense of well-being are typically reported by individuals who use NutriLink's subtle energy enhanced products. Research is being conducted by scientists and clinicians around the world documenting the benefits of subtle energy in a variety of applications. For more information see the article "The Hidden Link to Health: Subtle Energy."

What is subtle energy?
In essence, subtle energy is the sub-atomic vital force that pulses through all matter. It is non-electromagnetic in nature and falls outside standard electromagnetic field measurements, although the effect of subtle energy on matter has been measured. Reference the article: "The Hidden Secret to Health: Subtle Energy" for more information.

What are the benefits of taking subtle energy enhanced products?
Researchers and clinicians are accumulating a growing body of evidence that subtle energy is the foundational force regulating the information exchange between cells and the management and energy balance of the body as a whole. Subtle energy returns the body to normal levels of vitality while clearing blocked and chaotic energy fields that can contribute to poor health.

Could you go into a little more detail explaining how subtle energy is infused into minerals to provide the different effects of each remedy?
Probably the easiest way to understand the subtle energy process is to consider the technology behind Digital Video Discs (DVD's) as an analogy. Individual DVD's, each constructed of similar plastic material, are digitally programmed so that any given plastic disc is capable of containing completely different audio/video information. In each case, the substance of the disc is the same but the information on the disc can be infinitely variable. The information is encoded using a modulated energy transfer system (a laser) and stored on the substance (the plastic disc) which is ultimately "read" by an energy retrieval system (a laser reader) incorporated in a device designed to play DVD's.

In a similar way, the energy transfer of encoded information is infused into a substance (trace minerals) to be "read" by the body's own energy transfer and retrieval system and "played back" by resonance through every cell and tissue of the body! Therefore, in any given remedy, the mineral substance can be the same while producing a wide variety of different effects based on the precise energies programmed into it.

Many of the subtle energy products list "trace minerals" as the only ingredient on the label. If these remedies are all just trace minerals what makes them different from each other?
The physical ingredients (the minerals) essentially serve as "carriers" or "conductors" of specific energies infused into each product. The energy balancing benefits of specific remedies are attributed to the subtle energies in the remedy and not to the minerals acting as carriers of these energies. Each remedy, therefore, may contain the same mineral ingredients while the energy formulas will vary widely according to their specific purpose.

I'm on a budget. Why do some products, like Mineral Force, seem to be more expensive than some of the other mineral products I find on the market?
It's important to emphasize that our products are in a class by themselves and do not compare with other mineral products for two primary reasons:

  • We have spared no expense in securing the very best organically rich mineral sources for production purposes. All processing, even though more costly when compared to other companies, is done in a way that insures the purity and ultimate effectiveness of the end product: No solvents, chemicals or heat are ever used in the extraction of our minerals. This assures that all the inherent benefits of the minerals, along with their naturally occurring synergists, are perfectly intact as Nature intended.
  • Our minerals are unique in that we use a proprietary energy infusion process that is expensive but essential in assuring that our products are energy effective for virtually everyone who uses them. Mineral Force alone has over 20 subtle energy fields infused in its plant-based minerals!
Our products are expensive to produce, but minerals that are less expensive are often also less effective because they are extracted from poor quality source materials, are chemically treated or heat processed and they lack energy! In the final analysis, the question is not "How much does it cost - but how well does it work?"

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