Method and Materials:
2 identical starter plants taken from tray. Both watered and placed outside in a sun exposed protected area.

  • 30cc of Glyphosate was placed in 2 spray bottles with 120cc of pure distilled water labeled sample 1 and sample 2.
  • 10 drops of Subtle energy infused drops of magnesium sulfate water labeled, Detox-R was added to sample 2.
  • 5 sprays of mixture of Glyphosate (sample 1) on plant #1.
  • 5 sprays of mixture Glyphosate and Detox-R (sample 2) on plant #2.
24 hours later a photo was taken.

The effects of Glyphosate as an Herbicide is evident in plant 1, Plant 2 is still thriving! Blocking of the Toxic effects of Glyphosate is evident! Further research is ongoing.

The take home message:
We are now able with a non- toxic Homeopathic solution reduce the negative-poison burden impact of Glyphosate! Start protecting your family today! You can now spray Detox-R ( $30.00 .5oz) on your foods, drop drops into your beverages and also, take as supplement ( 5 drops 2x day) personally.


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