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Mineral Force

Mineral Force is an all natural plant based mineral drink with exclusive Vital Force subtle energy enhancements. Mineral Force is fundamentally the most important supplement available today, containing over 78 trace minerals combined with high levels of the "miracle molecule,"fulvic acid (up to 42%).

Mineral Force is formulated to maintain consistent daytime energy while helping mitigate the damaging effects of stress.

Mineral Force also assists in daily detoxification with the aid of the unique mineral clinoptilolite, a natural zeolite with a micro-porous structure that sweeps up and locks in toxins.

Mineral Force contains no ephedra, caffeine or artificial stimulants, just ionic trace minerals and natural energy in a bottle. A refreshing experience in a pleasant tasting mineral drink! (32 oz. liquid).

Mag Force

Mag Force - Nighttime Recovery
Mag Force is a water soluble magnesium supplement with a concentration of not less than 25 parts per million magnesium ions. Mag Force is produced through exclusive nanotechnology and is infused with specific bio-energetic patterns designed to assist in balancing the Autonomic Nervous System.

One ounce of Mag Force at bedtime has proven especially helpful in achieving a restful and healing sleep for most adults. Mag Force is designed as an aid in clearing toxins during the critical nighttime hours of sleep and recovery. (16 oz. liquid)

Zinc Force - Plus

Zinc Force Plus is a truly unique blend of water soluble minerals: Zinc (50 ppm), Manganese (25 ppm), Gold (25 ppm), coupled with specific subtle energies to enhance and charge the immune and repair systems. Typical use: 1 tsp. to 1 tbsp daily. (16 oz. liquid)

Ma3 is Mono-Atomic, Nano, Ionic Rhodium- Iridium- Gold

Ma3 is Mono-Atomic, Nano, Ionic Rhodium- Iridium- Gold 1. EMF & Radiation protection 2. Brain function 3. Immune function 4. DNA repair. Rhodium and Iridium function so similarly that they are often called twins, and they are both present in the brain. The normal healthy brains has 5% rhodium and iridium .

Rhodium and Iridium assist in the efficiency and performance of the neural circuitry and in the synaptic neuron connections. Supplementing with these elements increases clarity and strength of the brain, making multitasking much simpler and more natural. They also increase the vividness of dreams, and help with the recall of them. Rhodium works with the central nervous system and it is also instrumental in moving the body towards using sunlight as an array of nutrients through a type of photosynthesis, (energy without glucose).

Rhodium is now being heavily researched in the immune-therapy camps ( Anti-Viral, AIDS and Cancer). Improving immune function is the goal.

Gold is a powerful electrical conductor and tends to bring the "golden you" to the surface. It helps with physical and mental energy, it is very calming on the nervous system . Gold balances the right-left brain. Gold also strengthens the blood and heart as well as reduces infection by boosting the immune system. It is helpful for the skin and hair and has anti-aging properties.

These 3 elements: Rhodium, Iridium and Gold create the "Meissner field", also known as the human aura of the body , which help in protecting the nervous system from the profound negative effects of EMF's . Recent studies also show DNA repair and correction.

The Ma3 has been infused with multiple "Subtle Energy" patterns which enhance the elements function. This stabilizes them from EMF fields and ensures proper absorption and utilization.

Recommended dosage: 1 teaspoon per day (based on a 150 lb. adult)

Super Silver

The discovery and development of antibiotics for the treatment of bacterial infections must be regarded as one of the most significant medical achievements of the twentieth century. Unfortunately, as we enter the new millennium many of our existing antibacterial agents are under threat from the widespread emergence of bacterial resistance. Furthermore, the pace of emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria has outstripped the discovery of new antibiotics. New agents are therefore urgently needed to counter the threats posed by antibiotic-resistant organisms."- Ian Chopra

Infectious disease has been, and continues to be, man's mortal enemy. The use of silver solutions has become a popular alternative to antibiotics. Read a comprehensive overview of the therapeutic uses of silver.

Zeta Force

For many individuals, achieving optimum health is an elusive goal. Progress can be especially difficult for those who suffer from acute or chronic health problems. NutriLink is pleased to introduce Zeta Force, a powerful ally in helping you accomplish your health objectives.

  • Zeta Force is formulated with a proprietary blend of botanically derived organic compounds which serve as a natural preservative and ultra biotic.
  • Zeta Force provides nutritional support by supplying essential plant based minerals with the added benefits of fulvic acid.
  • Zeta force is energy infused using subtle energy technology to turn on the body's energy system! Liberate Your Immune System
  • Zeta force is infused with Zeolite mineral complex for enhanced detoxification.

Although we are generally unaware of it, we are under assault from hostile forces every day. Our natural defenses are continually challenged by viral, bacterial and fungal infections - even parasites found in air, food and water!

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