Mineral Force Overview
Plant Based Ionic Minerals
Subtle Energy Enhanced
Naturally Rich in Fulvic Acid
Zeolite Mineral Complex
The Simple Facts

Plant based (food source) minerals are essential for life, even more necessary than vitamins. Certain vitamins, enzymes and essential cofactors can be assembled by the body if adequate levels of organic minerals are present. The body, however, cannot manufacture minerals since they are the basic building blocks that must come from food sources. If our foods are deficient in minerals, there is no other way to provide these essential nutrients - that is until now, with the development of Mineral Force mineral drink.

The simple fact: Our soils are depleted of minerals and have been for decades. According to Senate Document 264, released in 1936, 80 to 85% of all minerals have been depleted from American soil. Crops grown on these depleted soils cannot manufacture minerals any more than our bodies can. As a result, our tables are laden with "foodless foods" that cannot sustain our daily requirement for life-giving, health-sustaining minerals.

Mineral Force is the most technologically advanced source of biologically available minerals ever produced. Why should Mineral Force be a part of your daily health regimen?

Consider the following:

  • All diseases are related to Organic Mineral Deficiency. (Linus Pauling, PhD., 2 time Nobel Prize Laureate)
  • In the absence of Minerals, Vitamins have no function. (Dr. Charles Northern)
  • The beginning of Debilitating Disease starts with Demineralization of the body. (Dr. Robert La Faye)
Without organic trace minerals cells cease to function properly, the immune system weakens, the nervous system becomes dysfunctional and the end result is accelerated aging. The body is on the hunt for organic trace minerals daily and Mineral Force provides these precious minerals in a uniquely absorbable, all-natural form.

The Miracle of Fulvic Acid
Mineral Force is naturally rich in Fulvic Acid (not to be confused with Folic Acid, a B vitamin). Fulvic Acid is the most complex atomic structure on the planet. It is the end process of all composted organic matter. It is found in large amounts in melting glaciers high in the mountains around the world. All organic living plants and animals are dependent on Fulvic Acid for their very existence, vitality and strength. New research is just beginning to reveal the truly amazing benefits of this missing element in the American diet:

  • Fulvic Acid annihilates radiation.
  • Fulvic Acid has the ability to Couple (form a molecular bond) with all known toxins: pesticides, herbicides, toxic chemicals and heavy metals, such as mercury, aluminum, cadmium, lead, etc.
  • Fulvic Acid is an integral part of the body's energy-generating process.
  • Fulvic Acid has the ability to Couple with viruses, bacteria and parasites.
  • Fulvic Acid has the long-term benefits of super-charging the immune system, restoring Nervous system function and helping regulate the Thymus, Thyroid and Adrenal glands.
  • Fulvic Acid has anti-inflammatory properties, improves resistance to infectious diseases, improves digestion and bowel function.
  • Fulvic Acid enhances the function of other nutrients.
  • Mineral Force has up to 42% naturally-occurring Fulvic Acid in its energy-infused ionic mineral solution! This is the highest level of Fulvic Acid when compared with the mineral products of 130 other companies.

Zeolite for Enhanced Detoxification
Mineral Force has included the added benefits of Zeolite minerals to its advanced formula. Zeolite (clinoptilolite) is a naturally-occurring mineral complex with the unique ability to work synergistically with the high levels of fulvic acid in Mineral Force to assist in eliminating toxins. As a powerful added benefit, Zeolite traps and renders radiation harmless.

How does Zeolite work in detoxifying the body?

The special form of Zeolite in Mineral Force has a micro-crystalline structure with a honeycomb-like appearance when viewed under high magnification. This structure forms a micro-porous mineral cage that traps toxins by sweeping them up like a "miniature vacuum cleaner" in order to assist the body in clearing accumulations of toxic waste. In addition, the negative electrical field of Zeolite ionically bonds biological debris and acid wastes to assure the rapid and efficient elimination of these unwanted substances from the body.

As a daily supplementation to the diet: Use in the morning to provide nutritional support and energy enhancement. May be taken with or without food. May be added to your favorite juice or beverage. Mineral Force is a pleasant-tasting, pH balancing dietary supplement.

150 lbs. or greater: 1 oz. daily
5-149 lbs: half oz. daily
Under 75 lbs: half tsp. daily

Children 5 years or younger: Consult your healthcare provider.

NEW! Ultimate Intra-Cellular Detox - Audio
Challenging today's efforts to maintain or recover health and vitality is the daily need for intra-cellular as well as system-wide detoxification. NutriLink, through the research and clinical work of Dr. Steven Davis D.C. CTN, has achieved the Ultimate Intra-Cellular Detox with two key products: Mineral Force for daytime energy and MagForce for nighttime recovery. his approach incorporates key nutrients combined with subtle energy fields to support natural detoxification throughout the 24 hour bio-rythmic cycle of the body. This unique approach provides optimal energy during daytime activities while assisting the body to achieve a restful recovery during sleep.


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Zeta Force - The Ultra Biotic Solution
For many individuals, achieving optimum health is an elusive goal. Progress can be especially difficult for those who suffer from acute or chronic health problems. NutriLink is pleased to introduce Zeta Force, a powerful ally in helping you accomplish your health objectives.

  • Zeta Force is formulated with a proprietary blend of botanically derived organic compounds which serve as a natural preservative and ultra biotic.*
  • Zeta Force provides nutritional support by supplying essential plant based minerals with the added benefits of fulvic acid.
  • Zeta force is energy infused using subtle energy technology to turn on the body's energy system! Liberate Your Immune System
  • Zeta force is infused with Zeolite mineral complex for enhanced detoxification.
Although we are generally unaware of it, we are under assault from hostile forces every day. Our natural defenses are continually challenged by viral, bacterial and fungal infections - even parasites found in air, food and water!

Zeta Force incorporates the unique benefits of a class of ultra biotic compounds found in nature. Research indicates that these compounds can positively impact a variety of health concerns and may prove beneficial for those interested in alternatives to toxic chemical therapies.1,2 Zeta Force combines a blend of organic extracts, plant based minerals and high levels of fulvic acid to naturally supplement the immune system.

What are some of the benefits of these organic ultra biotic extracts?
  • Cellular membranes of pathogens are selectively weakened and destroyed.3
  • Ultra biotic extracts show residual activity, biological stability and nontoxicity.4,5
  • Anti-fungal properties have been demonstrated with a variety of mycotic forms, including Candida.6
  • Antibacterial effects have been shown in laboratory studies.7,8
  • Antiviral activity has been documented in a wide spectrum of viruses.9,10
*An ultra biotic is a nontoxic organic compound with antimicrobial characteristics that does not affect beneficial microflora or create microbial resistance.

Increase Mineral Electrolytes with Zeta Force
Today we know that foods grown on typically mineral deficient soils are virtually devoid of the necessary trace minerals to sustain health and promote vitality.

For many years scientists and researchers have been sounding the alarm concerning the health dangers associated with chronic mineral deficiencies. According to Dr. Linus Pauling, twice Nobel Prize winning chemist, "All diseases are related to organic mineral deficiency."

Clearly, the body is on the hunt for organic minerals every day in its effort to resist disease. NutriLink's Zeta Force provides over 60 trace minerals in a plant based form that is bioavailable and easily absorbed!

Enjoy the Powerful Benefits of Fulvic Acid!
Zeta Force has the highest fulvic acid content (up to 42%) in tests comparing the mineral products of 130 companies! Fulvic acid (not to be confused with the B-vitamin, folic acid) is an organic molecule essential to the life processes of plants and animals. The following are some of the amazing benefits of this remarkable organic compound:

  • Fulvic acid has the ability to detoxify toxic substances: Pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals, even radioactive contaminants.11,12
  • Fulvic Acid "supercharges" the immune system by inhibiting the replication of pathogenss.13
  • Fulvic acid has powerful anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties.14
  • Fulvic acid transforms toxic metals by turning them into readily absorbable bioavailable mineral forms that benefit the metabolism.15
  • Fulvic acid efficiently transports nutrients through cell walls and enhances the function of other supplements.16
  • Fulvic acid stimulates and balances cells, creating optimum growth and healthy replication of new cells.17
  • Fulvic acid is the most powerful natural free radical scavenger and antioxidant discovered so far.18
  • Fulvic acid has a close association with enzymes and increases the activity of several enzymes, including alkaline phosphates, transaminase, and invertase.19
  • Zeta Force is naturally rich in fulvic acid!

Balance Your Body Energy - Zeta Force is Energy Supercharged!
"The cell is a machine driven by energy."(Albert Szent-Gyorgyi)

"All systems in our body run on energy. All biochemical reactions are based on the exchange of energy. One could say that energy rules all life." (Dr. Yuri Kronn)

In Western science, life has been traditionally defined in terms of biochemical processes and biological activity; yet, there is an underlying Subtle Energy component that is also essential for a healthy life. Disruption of cellular energy reduces the body's ability to absorb and utilize nutrients and significantly impairs recovery from illnesses or injuries.

Persistent low energy and chronic fatigue are associated with high-stress lifestyles. This low energy plague is the Epidemic of the 21st Century and is considered by many researchers to be a precursor to a host of degenerative and infectious diseases common today. Stressors that cause disharmony in our energy systems leave the body energetically depleted and thus vulnerable to accelerated deterioration and greater susceptibility to a host of health-threatening conditions.

Where do we find the necessary energy to jump start our stressed-out systems? The answer to cellular energy depletion has been found through recent discoveries in the field of Subtle Energy Physics. NutriLink's Zeta Force is the result of groundbreaking technologies based on this latest research. The organic mineral complex in Zeta Force is infused with over twenty beneficial bio-energetic patterns that help balance and support the complex energy requirements of the human body.

Through this proprietary bio-energetic process, combined with nontoxic ultra biotic botanicals, Zeta Force is the most powerful plant based mineral supplement of its kind ever developed!

"Every journey begins with the first step."

Zeta Force is a giant step toward wellness!Begin the Journey!

Zeta Force The Ultra Biotic Advantage
Zeta Force is a proprietary formulation of organic ultra biotic extracts for those who want an alternative to toxic chemicals and artificial preservatives.

  • An ultra biotic is not an antibiotic. Antibiotics are chemical toxins designed to kill bacteria. Unfortunately, antibiotics destroy beneficial as well as pathogenic organisms. An ultra biotic offers a nontoxic alternative, targeting pathogens while leaving beneficial microorganisms intact.
  • An ultra biotic is not a probiotic. Probiotics are intended to restore beneficial bacteria to the body when the microbial balance has been disrupted by antibiotics or other toxins. By contrast, an ultra biotic selectively weakens dominant pathogenic organisms, thus allowing the balance of beneficial microorganisms to be reestablished.
  • Zeta Force is the ultimate ultra biotic! The ultra biotic benefits of Zeta Force are derived from a proprietary blend of nontoxic botanical extracts formulated in an energy-enhanced solution of plant based electrolytes rich in fulvic acid. This powerful combination is found only in Zeta force!

Energy in a Bottle - The Fulvic Acid/Somatid Link
Below is a sample of Zeta Force as seen through a special dark field microscope. In this view, Zeta Force appears as swirling "galaxies of energy." On a microscopic scale, that's not far from the truth!

"Energy Active Zeta Force"

Researchers have linked these luminous "points of light" with high concentrations of fulvic acid. These minute swirling spheres are also referred to as "somatids" in dark field analysis. Research reveals these tiny fulvic acid/somatid energy units are essential to life and the vitality of all living things. Zeta Force is a concentrated source of these important energy components. When you think of Zeta Force think of Energy in a Bottle!

Zeolite for Enhanced Detoxification
Mineral Force has included the added benefits of Zeolite minerals to its advanced formula. Zeolite (clinoptilolite) is a naturally- occurring mineral complex with the unique ability to work synergistically with the high levels of fulvic acid in Mineral Force to assist in eliminating toxins.

How does Zeolite work in detoxifying the body?

The special form of Zeolite in Mineral Force has a micro-crystalline structure with a honeycomb-like appearance when viewed under high magnification. This structure forms a micro-porous mineral cage that traps toxins by sweeping them up like a "miniature vacuum cleaner" in order to assist the body in clearing accumulations of toxic waste. In addition, the negative electrical field of Zeolite ionically bonds biological debris and acid wastes to assure the rapid and efficient elimination of these unwanted substances from the body.

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