About NUTRILINK - A small town store and practice with world vision.

The Beginning
NutriLink was conceived in 1998 by a concerned group of healthcare providers and other professionals to address the concerns of a growing number of individuals seeking natural solutions to the health challenges of the 21st Century.

Our goal is to become a trusted source for those who seek leading-edge research and reliable information in the field of natural healthcare.

Our objective is to search out and develop state-of-the-art products of the highest purity and bio-activity and to make these products available to the consumer.

Leading the Research
NutriLink is moving forward with leading researchers in the emerging science of Bio-Energetics and related technologies in order to integrate this new field of knowledge into a variety of practical applications for those seeking the ultimate in natural health alternatives.

Our mission is to provide reliable information to assist you in choosing from the many options available today in the world of nutrition and natural health. After years of research and clinical experience, NutriLink has assembled products that incorporate state-of-the-art scientific breakthroughs that bring the science of bioenergetics into the practical world of nutrition. NutriLink's unique energy-enhanced supplements are used extensively by clinicians, natural health specialists and discriminating health- conscious individuals to achieve new and improved levels of vitality, health and wellness.

A Class of Products without Comparison
It's important to emphasize that our products are in a class by themselves and do not compare with other mineral products for two primary reasons:

  1. We have spared no expense in securing the very best organically rich mineral sources for production purposes. All processing, even though more costly when compared to other companies, is done in a way that insures the purity and ultimate effectiveness of the end product: No solvents, chemicals or heat are ever used in the extraction of our minerals. This assures that all the inherent benefits of the minerals, along with their naturally occurring synergists, are perfectly intact as Nature intended.
  2. Our minerals are unique in that we use a proprietary energy infusion process that is expensive but essential in assuring that our products are energy effective for virtually everyone who uses them. Mineral Force alone has over 20 subtle energy fields infused in its plant-based minerals!
Our products are expensive to produce, but minerals that are less expensive are often also less effective because they are extracted from poor quality source materials, are chemically treated or heat processed and they lack energy! In the final analysis, the question is not "How much does it cost - but how well does it work?"

We continue to use personal service when ordering. Phone orders are the only way we do business. You are greeted with professional help so your choice of product is always the right choice.

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